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The Department of OB/GYN/RS of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is sincerely invested in the long term success of its faculty. Promotion planning is best begun very early in one’s career, with the guidance and support of division chiefs and department chairs as well as additional mentors. There are various pathways to promotion, depending upon faculty interest and activity. Links on this page to information and resources may help faculty navigate the promotion process.

UPSOM Information Resources

These pages discuss general criteria for appointment and promotion and provide specific criteria at all ranks: Instructor/Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, and Volunteer Clinical Faculty levels. Differences between tenure and non-tenure faculty are also presented. The guidelines describes “ scholarship” in research/investigator and clinical teaching tracks, and lists examples of what may serve as evidence of scholarship in research and teaching.

Here you will find graphic of levels of promotion within tenure and non-tenure tracks –The pathways reflect the most common routes for faculty development.

These pages address common questions and outlines portfolio components for the various pathways.